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Accura Softech is an innovative Web design and development company in Rajkot, India, having expertise in website design, Web development, Mobile Apps Development and SEO Services. Accura Softech creates cost-effective,exceptional and distinctive designs, outstanding presentations and web solutions for an effective start-up and reputable businesses.

We deliver innovative web solutions to clients by helping them identify their most important business and technology opportunities and capitalizing on them. We also provide solutions to help them overcome their most complex and critical challenges.

Our 'Team ARE' is a completely professional team from Technology, Marketing and Business Management, trustworthy and enforces the high standards of customer service and reliability. As a professional website design and web development team, we at ARE InfoTech striving to provide the best and cost effective website development services to domestic and foreign clients. We believe quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it. We do understand the importance of website for any organization or individual and put our resources in a manner that you will be able get maximum benefit from internet marketing.

What We Do?

We are a nimble team of designers, developers, and strategists who are passionate about helping our clients achieve their goals and grow their brands. We work in multi-disciplinary teams via our proven delivery method.

Our heartbeat is to bond with our clients ideas, produce award winning creative, deliver engaging user experiences and build meaningful relationships. We are specialists in end-to-end solution. We will take your idea and through an objective, structured consultation process we deliver a full marketing, branding and web design solution. We work with great clients all over the globe to execute thoughtful and purposeful products.

Why Use Us?

We are use the project tracker to ensure that you remain on time and also We live in an age of high expectations and tight budgets. Due to our efficient processes, we’re confident that we can match like for like quotations, try us! Our work is completed on time and on budget we always aim to exceed our client's delivery requirements.

We believe that we are not just suppliers to our clients, but partners. Our company history reveals that up to 75% of our business comes from web start-up businesses, and that 40% of these clients have been with accura softech for a period exceeding of 2 years.

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