Webdesign Maintenance

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Website maintenance includes revising, editing text, photos, services, products, etc or changing existing web pages to keep your website up to date. How often to update varies greatly from business to business. It can be as little as once every couple of months to as much as daily updation, depending on your needs, whether you're selling products or services, etc.

Accura Softech provides several kinds of maintenance services to help keep your website fresh:

  • We can provide regular updates beyond maintenance.
  • We can clean up and maintain websites
  • We can resize and optimize images for your website or else apply special treatments like rounded corners.
  • We can perform website software patches and upgrades for you for software like WordPress and Joomla.
  • Updation of seo keywords.

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Our Maintenance Services includes

  • Hourly Charge: If your website needs update very rarely.
  • Maintenance Contract: If your website needs constant changes.
  • Hire a Developer: You can have a dedicated developer to maintain your website.
  • CMS: Development of a content management system which would enable even non-technical users to update content to your website.
  • Add new functionality:adding new functionality (online store, blog, gallery, forms,payment gateway etc.)
  • Content Updates: Give your content a spring clean to spark interest and target your market.
  • New Images: Revamp your web pages with new and improved images of your business.
  • Staff Changes: Let your clients know who has been promoted, your staff’s contact details and who they need to be in contact with.